Outline Of A Balanced Literacy

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Balanced Literacy
Instructional Framework
Grades 6-8

The effective use of literacy and language skills is important for all students to be career and college ready. It is a goal of the Surry County School System to use a balanced literacy approach aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study so that students are able to read, write, and communicate effectively with a variety of audiences in order to live productive lives.

Balanced Literacy provides the foundational structure and scheduling for delivering the North Carolina English Language Arts curriculum in kindergarten through eighth grades. Balanced literacy along with our scope and sequence defined in our pacing guides enhance vertical and horizontal …show more content…

REAL reading strategies can be used to remind students of how to read informational text. The strategies are:

R - read the title E- examine subheadings and turn them into questions A- analyze pictures, graphs, italics and bold words L- look at any summaries and questions before reading the text

Teacher-directed is a 40 to 45 minute block of time where the teacher uses 15 to 20 minutes for explicit, whole group instruction. This is the time for the teacher to model and think aloud with students. For the remaining, time the teacher is the

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