Outline Of A Thesis Statement Essay

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Specific Purpose: To persuade

Thesis Statement: Nurse practitioners should perform primary care and treat minor illness to reduce cost, improve time effectiveness and to reach those who are underinsured or uninsured in community.

I. Introduction

A. Attention getter:
How would you like to get the same or better primary care with lower bill for your healthcare services, improve the community health status or reduce homeless?

B. Introduce topic and motivate audience:

The healthcare cost has been climbing and it has been becoming unaffordable for the underinsured as well as for the uninsured to get medical attention. Most them wait until they are extremely sick to visit the ED for free treatment; which causes overcrowding. It would be advantageous to utilize what NPs have to offer to improve community health care, make healthcare affordable, and reduce crowding in the ED.

C. Establish credibility:
“The Association of American Medical Colleges expects a shortage of up to 31,100 primary care doctors and up to 63,700 other physicians by 2025”(Consumer Report, August 2015). NPs are capable to conduct physical exams, diagnose, treat illness, prescribe medication (not all), order and interpret tests, counsel a patient and perform surgery with assistance. In 18 states, NP are performing majority of primary care and able to treat minor illness without a physician supervision and It would be beneficial if the other state get on board of having an NP fill the gap.

D. Preview

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