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Persuasive Outline Generic Topic: Continuation of Gratuity Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to support the continuation of tipping (in restaurants). Introduction I. Many times my family has gone out to restaurants, having nice experiences. Other visits not so much. One outing in particular, my family and I ate out at an upscale French restaurant in Virginia. The food was good. However, my dad left a small tip for the level of service provided by our snobby waitress. Leaving the restaurant, we heard a “Sir! Excuse me, Sir.” Our waitress hurried across the parking lot in effort to catch up with us. She asked, “Did I do something wrong?” In which dad replied, “No, you didn’t do anything wrong, why?” She hastily replied, “The tip. The tip,” upset with the amount left. II. As a recent employee in the restaurant industry, first as a hostess and later as a waitress, I have had the opportunity to experience the system of tipping not just from a customer’s point of view. III. The majority of the population dines out at restaurants at one time or another facing the art of tipping at some point in their life, unless they prefer fast food. IV. The elimination of tipping would create chaos within the service industry for both customers and servers V. Today I will discuss the initial purposes of tipping and the customer’s point of view as well as the view of the servers on how the no tip policy would impact the service industry. Transition Statement: What defines

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