Outline Of An Resume On Failure Of A Senior Us Army Officer And Graduate Of Georgia Military College

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Mitchell R. Low
Professor Allison Herman
ENGL 110-04
9 October 2014
To Fail is to Succeed

Chloe, a former US Army officer and graduate of the Georgia Military College, reminisced with me when she was going through officer training. She informed me of a general census that is perpetuated within the army; women don’t belong in the military. Chloe’s instructors would specifically target her and other female cadets. She received tremendous amounts of hazing from some of her so called male teammates. She was kicked in the face and spat on but despite all the challenges Chloe overcame them and was commissioned as a second lieutenant. Chloe’s story made me really wonder what keeps people motivated throughout life and why some people give up on their dreams. How do we know when we should throw in the towel? Why do we decide to just stop pursuing our goals? I found myself lost in thought reflecting upon my own life and goals; How do you overcome past failures? I have always had a fear of failure that has held me back from reaching my potential; however, after facing many life challenges I have established a philosophy that I can only get what I want out of life by taking a chance, win or lose.
In “Showing Up”, Angela Duckworth argues that the reason why people abandon their dreams and continue to fail is because they lack grit; the steadfast resolve and determination to accomplish one’s goals. Duckworth believes that it is through the grit attribute, not talent or natural ability,

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