Outline Of The Gmo Of Gmo Foods Essay

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End to GMO Negligence GMO foods have become overpopulated inside of grocery stores. These foods that are against the natural way of producing food have been forced upon the shelves and consumed by most consumers. Consequently, the United States does not make it mandatory to label our food as a GMO or non-GMO. Our government continues to force the consumer to eat GMO foods that might possibly change the genetic and chemical makeup of humans. Since the government funds and controls these modified seeds, and because the consumer is not educated enough about the potential risks about the foods in which they consume, they continue to pollute their bodies with the GMO foods that are being forced on the supermarket shelves across the country. What is a GMO? Genetically Modified Organism is what GMO stands for. Consumers have been eating these plants modified for the sake of being able to have a built-in modification to prevent damage from the elements of nature. Farmers use to be able to just plant their crops and carry on with business. Now our government has some seeds that were modified to prevent pests and plant disease from damaging the food that is produced. Why is it that the United States government is one of few that do not make the FDA put labels on the fruits and vegetables produced by these modified seeds? It would seem to be an easy solution. Let the consumer decide. Unfortunately, this does not happen. To understand the basics about the GMO situation here in

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