Can I Get Gmo 's With That?

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Can I get GMO’s With That? When walking down the aisles of Giant or Safeway, what individuals usually look at are the amount of fat or the number of calories a product contains. Others just pick up whatever looks good for dinner that night. But what many of those individuals don’t look out for, or even know about, are Genetically Modified Organisms. Even if they wanted to, the products in grocery stores don’t contain the proper labels that make the consumer aware of what they’re actually consuming. Many people are still in the dark about what GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are and our government does not do much to inform its people about these products and the companies that produce them. Genetically Modified organisms are animals or plants that have been inserted with genes that scientists have pulled from several different species and inserted into one to create a super animal or plant. The creation of genetically modified organisms was supposed to be the answer to human advances in agriculture and world hunger, but unfortunately it has more potential to harm our animals, our environment, and most importantly ourselves. The corporations that produce these products must be fully regulated and tested by the government to determine if safe enough to grow and consume. The companies creating this abnormal food only have money in mind, without thinking about the consequences. These super food maybe be seen as magic seeds to some, but the thing that is supposed to be

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