Outsider Perspective On Christianity : Overview

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Outsider Perspective on Christianity
Kaniesha Fleming
Intro to Religion
Instructor: Douglas Axtell

As a project we were told to study a religion from an outsider’s perspective. We, as students, would attend that specific religion’s place of worship to observe their rituals and routines. Then after service we would conduct an interview with the participants to answer our personal questions such as “Why do they do the things they do?” or “How often do they do this?” I chose to study Christianity even though I am a Christian. I thought it would be interesting to see if most Christian churches practice Christianity the same way. However, prior to attending services I researched the history of Christianity. Firstly, Jesus was Jewish and he would teach in different synagogues throughout the villages he travelled to. While in those villages Jesus would also heal those who were suffering. In his teachings he touched the hearts of the people and this created instability which frightened Jewish religious authorities. A group of men who Jesus touched started to follow and became his disciples. Jesus taught them about the will of God; as well as about a “new covenant” that God will bring to humanity through Himself, Jesus Christ. Then, Jesus helped the disciples to see mankind is destined to have pain and feel the “futility of life” due to sin. I came to realization that this answered our group question of why is there evil in the world. But to continue, mankind had “lost

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