Outsourcing And Outsourcing : Outsourcing

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A company is a collection or an association of given individuals regardless of whether legal individuals, natural people of a combination of both. Most companies usually face stiff competitions from their worthy opponents in the field of services delivery to customers. They in most cases compete in terms of the goods and services that they produce and offer to their customers. Competition is mainly the rivalry among the companies, firms, sellers in references to achieving their goals of making profits, selling large volume of their produce, having the largest share of market sale by varying the marketing prices, the distribution of products and even promotions. Therefore to achieve better competition so as not to lose to other competitors, a transformational change management is required to change the plans of management strategies (Suzette Dyer, 2014). In the effort for the competitors to beat one another, offshoring can be done for an example of a TeleTech company that has been offshoring and outsourcing. Offshoring is the relocation of business activity to another location in another country and usually at a lower cost. The practice of offshoring creates a change for the public company to get raw material to produce their products at a reduced cost. The decrease in production cost can lead to a transformational change in product prices that will attract customers. The offshoring has a higher level of faster market and has reduced the cost of delivery. Just like in any
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