Overfishing Report

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For my eighth grade capstone project, I addressed the issue of overfishing.
Overfishing is a global problem that affects far more than just the ocean. I chose the topic of overfishing because I spend a lot of time in the water and on the ocean and care a lot about the aquaculture. During this process, we were meant to learn a lot about ourselves and our topic. I did learn a bit more about overfishing. The most important thing that I learned about myself is that choosing a topic that I'm passionate about makes the project a whole lot easier.

My brother is a fisherman and he does it for sport, for fun. Every weekend he goes out on the boat and catches a ton of fish, most of the time he brings them home and we eat them, either that or he sells them to other people …show more content…

I got to research and share with people something that I'm passionate about and enjoy.

In computer class, we had to make a slideshow and present our project for ten minutes. My slideshow had almost fifty slides and I had to talk fast to get all of my information in. For the Science fair project, I also did a project on overfishing because I like researching it. When the time came to talk to the judges, it was easy because I knew my topic inside and out. Having already presented in front of scary Science fair judges made presenting in front of my classmates a whole lot easier.

I used my notes from science fair to help me in my capstone so I didn't have to take too many notes, which was good because I do not like taking notes and it left more time for me to work on my presentation. The most interesting/sad fact that I found out was that there are 90% less apex predators in the ocean since 1950.

My Capstone product was a hand-out with facts about overfishing. I made

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