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  • Bony Fish And The Fish

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    comprises of the bony fish . These fish have a skeleton much stiffer than the cartilaginous fish since it is fortified by calcium salts. Bony fish have fantastic smell like cartilaginous fish, yet not at all like the different classes of fish, bony fish additionally have intense visual perception. Bony fish additionally have adaptations that permit them to stay buoyant. A unique organ called a swim bladder housed under the hard skeleton is a gas filled chamber that permits the hard fish to stay coasting

  • Musky Fish

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    feeling to hook into a lurking monster. Outdoor adventurists probably targeted these species of fish one or multiple times. These wild creatures have taken a toll on the most experienced anglers. Musky fishing has evolved such as by the equipment, the anglers themselves, and the fish. This specific fish is a very interesting animal. The muskellunge (muskie) is the largest member of the pike family. These fish love to lurk around rock bars, stumps, ledges, and many different types of weeds. “A lean mean

  • Fish Reflection

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    observations were completed, the first incision was commenced. In order to reach the internal organs of the fish a rectangular cut was made which first started from the anus to the pelvic fin, then the incision was made from the ends of the previous cuts upwards to the lateral line. When the cut was finished, Yellow fluid started coming out of the fish, this is primarily water that has been in the fish and started to change color. After the yellow fluid stopped flowing out, a closer examination of the rectangular

  • One Fish Two Fish Blue Fish: Just Like Cat In The Hat

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    One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Dr. Seuss published a children's book called, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, in 1960 (Fensch 180). It was created to be part of the Beginner Book series. Just like Cat in The Hat, it was short in page length and word choice. He pooled from the list of 250 words him and his editor created (137). Looking at the book, it had only primary and secondary colors which he uses exceedingly well to make his unusual characters jump off the page. His illustrations

  • Alpaca Fish Conversation

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    make a fire; then I would find food. I would find my food in the lake. I would most likely find the alpaca fish. I would take the alpaca fish out of the lake and cook it. Classmate 1: You can’t eat fish with scales on them. Classmate 2: Yes you can! Mrs. Castro: You could still eat a fish with scales on them except that it would be rough and harder to eat. Classmate 1: An alpaca is not a fish! Andrew: Yes it is! Classmate 2: No it’s not. Mrs. Castro: Andrew, do you mean

  • Marine Fish Overfishing

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    A predominant resource in our oceans are fish and other marine species. In recent times, fish have been caught with less effort due to new technologies, improved equipment and human’s need for money. Fishermen have started capturing fish at a faster rate than they can be reproduced. This is known as overfishing which leads to degradation of our oceans. The fishing industry is growing as the demand for seafood is increasing. This leads to many negative issues, the main issue being the loss of species

  • Descriptive Experience Of Fish

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    Version 2: 5 fish, mean fish, dead fish, no fish! I opened the black hatch on the lid of the fish tank. Turning open the lid of the plastic container, I reached inside and took out a pinch of the musty-smelling fish food flakes. I sprinkled the flakes over the water in the fish tank and watched as the 5 fish swam up, gulping up the thin copper, crimson, and mahogany colored flakes. I watched until the fish swam away, finished with their meal. I then closed the hatch, put away and closed the jar

  • The Reflection Of The Fish By Bishop

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    November 10, 2014 Why Fish? “The Fish” by Bishop help the reader to see the motions. She uses tone to allow the reader to see the fish and create a connection. The mental pictures created are, in fact, so good that the reader believes incident actually happened to a real person, therefore building respect from the reader to the fish. The reader is blasted with an intense image of the fish, speaks about the fish on an individual base and sees how the writer compares the fish to her boat. First

  • The Fish Salmon And Tuna

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    As the world more focus and advance forward on building a better self (as a person), such as healthy diet, people consume a lot of fish in such pursue. Among all the fish Salmon and Tuna which are rich in protein. Matter of a fact according to “RAINCOAST TRADING” consumers sustainably-harvested gourmet canned seafood company nutrition fact state, same amount of canned Salmon 55g and Tuna 55g, tuna has cal: 90, protein: 17g while salmon has cal: 110, and protein: 13g. So, lot of people favor over

  • Characteristics Of Sargassum Fish

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    MARB 425-406 Comparing Natural Mortality of Sargassum Fish (Histrio histrio) and Blue Runner (Caranx crysos). Violeta Curameng Abstract In the Gulf of Mexico a variety of marine environments can be utilized by fish. Common environments include Coral reefs and Sargassum. An assortment of fish can inhabit these environments but which environment they live in depends on their life history. Histrio histrio (Sargassum Fish) live in the Sargassum and Caranx Crysos (Blue Runner) live