Overpopulation In America

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Population in the world is growing rapidly and civilians don’t realize the consequences of having too many people in this world. Just a few of the consequences are, homeless people, food shortages, and unemployment. With an increase of people, resources are quickly being used up. Should America try to mimic China’s population control law that couples are only allowed up to two children? Population control will help the world because it will eliminate food shortages, reduce the amount of trash, and stabilize the economy. Population control will help the world by eliminating the food shortages for the humans to eat and for the animals too. If there are less people on the earth, there will be enough food for everyone including the homeless people. America wouldn't have to worry about the bad weather for the crops to grow for people to eat. If the world can’t control the population growth, the farmers will have to go great lengths to produce more food in their fields. People don't have to depend on the farmers to provide them fresh food if there’s less people on the earth. If we have the two child per…show more content…
Global Footprint Network data shows that humanity uses the equivalence of 1.6 planet earths in the amount of renewable resources. America needs to get rid of the trash thats piling up everyday from the overgrown population. With population control, there could be less trash or more effective ways to get rid of it. Trash has a huge impact on the earth because it takes up way too much precious space. According to Michael Graham Richard, each year, nations generate 1.3 billion tons of waste. Population control will help America by giving people more space to live on and more time to create a way to get rid of the trash or recycle it. If scientists did create a way to get rid of the trash, humans could finally have more access to more land. There would be less air pollution from the food rotting in the
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