Owen, S Poetry In Wilfred Owen's Anti-Vietnam War Poetry

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World War One (1914-1918) was a war involving many countries, Wilfred Owen was one of the soldiers fighting for the UK however he was completely unaware of the outcome the war would lead too. Owen strongly disagreed with the harsh reality of the war leading to him writing anti-war poetry. Likewise the anti-Vietnam war poetry was strongly anti-war, resulting in the poetry being highly critical of the war. Both wars were extremely criticized and lead to outrage by many as the majority saw little to no point of either wars. From this poetry it has allowed the public to see the real harshness behind the glamourized version advertised by the government. The poetry not only acts as a clear insight into the war but it also gave the public something to really agree with causing them to be read or listened to again and again. It is due to the great writing style of Wilfred Owen and his use of poetic devices such as metaphors and personification that gives it an even deeper meaning.
Owens main concern behind his poetry was to reveal the horrors of war and reveal the harsh reality that is always covered up by the Government. He successfully did this through every piece of poetry he wrote revealing yet another piece of the hidden truth. Once things like Owens poetry arose gradually more people thought the war was futile which is exactly what he expressed in his poem futility. The poem begins in panic with the soldiers quickly trying to save a soldiers live, “if anything might rouse him

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