Owning Exotic Animals and Pitbulls

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Most exotic animals are endangered and owning them could act as a backup population if they become extinct and pit bulls are perhaps the most abused dog on the planet. A domestic animal is one that has been tamed by man over many generations and lives with people, exotic animals are the animals that are meant to be in the wild and not tamed. Many people don’t believe that exotic animals and pit bulls would make good companions, but in fact, they actually do. Exotic animals can make people feel loved and we all know that love is an incredible emotion that feels marvelous. They can become your family, they are like babies they need someone to care and give them the same love that they give us if we let them. “My family, all my life people have let me down, my animals never have” Rush an exotic animal owner says. (Slater 106). Pit bulls are almost the same as exotic animals; everyone thinks they are dangerous and that there is no point in having them. What some of those people don’t know about pit bulls is that there are some that work as therapy dogs, the people they help like them because of their good stability and resoluteness. Thousands of pit bulls have been tested for their temperament and most of them have passed with flying colors. The president of the A.T.T.S Carl Herkstroeter says “I’ve tested half of them and of the number I’ve tested I have disqualified one pit bull because of aggressive tendencies. They have done extremely well and they have a good temperament.”

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