Compare And Contrast Exotic Pets Vs Common Pets

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Sahara White
Dr. Raines
English 1010 Section 026
13 December 2017
Exotic Pets versus Common Pets When imagining a pet, most people consider the normal household pet such as a cat. However, few consider exotic pets like Chinchillas. Both require attention, interaction, and love. However, though the exotic pets are extremely similar, they are more often overlooked. The common animals people want to get are the ones they deem most friendly but the majority of people do not take the time to research exotic pets who just like the common pets are playful and friendly. Though similar exotic pets differ from common household pets in the respect of their maintenance, life expectancy, level of needed attention the attention. I recently made the decision to get two chinchillas instead of a cat. When researching the chinchilla I noticed that comparatively they require less attention and lower maintenance than a cat. Chinchillas require at the least one hour of attention a day and a dust bath twice a week. Their cage must be cleaned once a week, and the bedding changed. These requirements though a bit less than that of a cats, who requires a daily litter box changing, and attention whenever the cat sees fit on his or her terms. Attention for chinchillas consists of releasing the small hyperactive child within the cage. Though small a chinchilla can launch itself up to six feet in the air and flit around like its feet are not even touching the ground. Chinchillas do not need

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