Ozymandias Film Analysis

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The problem with the Film lies in the omission of this single page from the comic, it is the last we see of both Dr. Manhattan & Ozymandias in the comic. Ozymandias has left to meditate and Manhattan comes to talk to him Ozymandias says to Manhattan "Play Scene from motion graphic Novel" Though Veidt has been proud throughout the whole story, for one moment in the entire comic he lets down his guard. He is not the one being paraded around and asked questions, now, the smartest man on earth has a question and it is a question about the morality of his actions. He says, "I did the right thing didn't I? It all worked out in the end." Manhattan answers, "In the end", "Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends." The last 2 panels of ozymandias feature him lowering his hand in defeat and lastly, him alone in his study with his shadow looming over him. This scene is not included in the Film and thus turns Veidt into a much less dynamic character. The Film contains no mention of him being haunted by the Black Freighter and his “feel every death” line is a throwaway line. In a superhero world that is praised for all the of the heroes being complex and vulnerable, the least vulnerable person in the world shows vulnerability and it has impact. Not having this makes Ozzy a much less complex villain. Watchmen is a failure of a Film because it doesn't have a strong sense of identity, it doesn't exist independently of the comic and even in its effort to replicate the comic it fails to
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