Film Analysis Of Casablanca

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I Think This is The Beginning of A Beautiful Paper Casablanca, the crowning achievement of director Michael Curtiz, which was released in 1942, is a film that had to work against the pressing concerns associated with World War II to stay relevant in both cinematic and general audiences. The writing, which was done by Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, and Howard Koch, had to be inspirational yet uncontroversial. With actors like Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund, Claude Rains as Captain Louis Renault, and Paul Henreid as the French revolutionary Victor Laszlo, Casablanca has a respectable cast. The movie initially appears to fit the film noir genre because of its smoky backdrops with muted colors,…show more content…
Ilsa asks Sam, a black pianist and friend of Rick who works at the cafe with whom she is familiar, to play the song “As Time Goes By.” Rick demands that Sam stop playing that song and is surprised to see Ilsa sitting at his bar, with tense conversation occurring between the two of them. Later that night, Rick is shown cradling a bottle and reminiscing about his past with Ilsa Lund in Paris, recalling how they fell in love and how she ultimately left him waiting alone at a train station. Later on, Major Strasser meets with Victor Laszlo to force Laszlo to release the names of revolutionaries, but he refuses. Afterwards, Laszlo and Ilsa talk about leaving Casablanca for their safety and realize that Rick may be the one with the transit papers. Laszlo tries to calmly convince Rick to give him the papers, to no avail. Shortly after, Ilsa also attempts to convince Rick to change his mind. She tries passively at first, then holds a gun to his stomach and demands that he give her the papers, after which she begins to break down about how she still loves Rick and never wanted to leave him in Paris. They spend the night together and Rick promises to get Laszlo out of Casablanca. The next night, as Rick gives the papers to Laszlo, Captain Louis Renault shows up to try to arrest Laszlo. Rick turns a gun on Renault, forcing him to clear the airport
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