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P3- Suggest strategies to minimise effects of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings “Peter is eight years old and has autism. He has just started attending a special after school club. When he arrives there is music playing and lots of children running about. One of the assistants goes to help him remove his coat and he starts screaming and lashing out” Point Evidence After school clubs After school clubs would help Peter with his learning and concentration. After school clubs can also boost his knowledge. It can help kids with autism as it can help them get up to the knowledge level as the rest of their classroom friends. One to one’s As there would only be the teacher and he, he is more likely to be concentrated…show more content…
Another symptom of autism is that they create a lot of disturbance, a way to minimise this type of behaviour is to make sure all the kids are outside away from the disturbance. Another symptom of autism is that they have a more of a difficult time to adjust to the different changes in routine. A way to make sure the autism kids have an easier time adjusting to the environment around them is to make everything easier and less complicated for them, this way they would not find anything they do hard. Peter has the symptoms of autism because he has a disorder of screaming out and lashing out. A legislation which would come in here would be the health and safety act. The health and safety act would come in use here as teachers in a work environment are taught restraining in case of violence. Teachers are put through training and risk assessments to explain to them how to deal with certain types of behaviours in a classroom. This way as the teachers would be trained they would know what to do in case Peter lashes out. A way to minimise the effects of this is to make sure the staff around him approach him really calmly so that he does not lash out at them so violently, also to always compromise with him to make sure he gets what he wants as well as following the rules around the environment. Peter has autism therefore he also has some issues which included him having issues with not being able to adapt to a new routine. Such as if Peter had to go to a new

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