PESTLE analysis of Inditex Essay

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The Inditex Group Inditex, Industrias de Diseño Textil SA, is a group of almost one hundred companies dedicated to the different activities encompassed by the business of designing, manufacturing and distributing textile goods. The Spanish company was founded by Amancio Ortega, who remains the company's biggest share holder, in 1975 and started off as a family business. The group's achievements, together with the uniqueness of its business model which is based on innovation and flexibility have made it one of the largest fashion groups worldwide. The group's understanding of fashion, creativity and quality design and an agile response to the market demands have resulted in fast international expansion and a warm welcome of the…show more content…
Socio-cultural Social issues include population demographics (such as growth rate or age profile), employment patterns, income levels and population health and education. The above affect the pricing of the product and how the product is advertised, for example. Cultural behaviour is not always easy to analyse as it comprises many underlying assumptions which are hard to change intentionally but which evolve over time (Mullins, 1985). Methods of conducting business are altered by these cultural concerns. Technological This refers to the means and the methods used to produce the product or the service supplied (Worthington and Britton, 2009). Although this involves more than information technology, IT is becoming increasingly important. An organisation needs to know what technologies are being used by its competitors in order to remain in the market and not fall behind. To make its product more accessible to customers, a firm must also know what technologies are being used by them and how these technologies affect the firm's procedures. In a time where customers can read information on or buy products from firms around the globe, business conduct must adapt to technologies. This is discussed in Iammarino and Michie's article (1998), which also states that 'technology, computing, telecommunications, broadcasting and so on have opened up the world economy'. Legal There is an entire framework of legal requirements under which organisations are expected to run,
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