POlitical Campaign Advertising Essays

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Since 1952, television has played a major role in presidential elections. Television allows candidates to reach a broad number of people, and personalities, to help push along their campaigns. Campaigns help the candidates just as much as the voters. The candidates get to be identified, and known to the voters, and the voters get to hear and see how a specific candidate identifies with their needs and wants. The best way to get this information out there is through the most used form of media, television.
When candidates develop a plan of attack for campaign advertising, they tend to aim for at least four types of commercials. One form or type of commercial is those which play on the fears of countrymen. Fear …show more content…

During the 2004 election, President Bush’s campaign ads showed him to be a leader and a strong president in a time when leadership was needed. Kerry’s ad showed him to be a people person, and a person who connects with the citizen of this country.
Political parties also use ads that make there opponent out to be the bad guy, and often these ads come from what their opponent has said in the past. Candidates use information from the past to display the image that there opponent can not be trusted and will go back on his or her word. This is typically called “flip flopping”. When candidates make there opponent out to be a flip flopper, the opponent is making things worst for themselves. The Republican Party ran a series of ads that made Senator Kerry look like a flip flopper, and I think the overall effective ness of those ads was a major factor in the election, but Senator Kerry also stated his claims and told the voter how he fells on the very same issues that the republican party made senator Kerry to look indecisive on.
Campaigns that are introducing a candidate to mainstream national coverage tend to run ads that will show a candidates history and their background. These ads might list what some might call the qualification needed to be in office. These ads usually show a record of good decision making, leadership, honesty,

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