Pablo Picasso 's Influence On Art

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Introduction Through the years art has been regarded as a form of communication, emotion, a feeling or expression of ideas, by which we mean a person or convey something. This idea can be captured in a painting, sculpture or even through writing, which through their expressions disclose the most characteristic form of a culture. By century to century there has been many creative persons like writer, artist, composer who contributed to development in the all creative fields. We also had so many great visual artists who create greatest arts, music and books. Pablo Picasso is one of them, who took modern art at new level. He was one of well-known artist in history .In fact, his vision and distinct creative style, some of the most innovative pieces he introduced to the art world.
How does Pablo Picasso’s famous art “Guernica’ represents the history and society in his time? Most of his creations represent history and society of his time. But “Guernica,” which Picasso painted in response to tragedy and the loss of life, directly related to the Spanish civil-war. “Guernica” was one of the masterpieces created by Picasso, probably the 20th century 's most negative symbol of the horrors. It was a also signal for the terrors of the future. When the Nazi troops dropped a bomb on the Basque village of Guernica in northern Spain, at that time nobody imagined this kind of act in reality. Most

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