Paganism In All Hallow's Day

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Pastor Jamie Morgan believes Christians specifically, and for that matter everyone else, should not celebrate Halloween. She sees it as the Satan’s holiday which is sacrilegious for religious people to celebrate, calls it a “sacred, high holiday” (Morgan) for Wicca followers, and all around implies that no one should bring themselves to “the darkness” (Morgan). These beliefs are what scare children, much more so than Halloween ever could. Being threatened with the promise of eternal damnation in the firey pits of Hell is far more frightening than a witch’s broom or a seven year old with devil horns ever could be. Many overkill and ill-informed religious enthusiasts are traumatizing their children every year with the preaching and teaching of seriously painful consequences for putting on a mask and getting candy from people that aren’t from their local church. The argument that “Halloween is Satan’s holiday” (Morgan) is uninformed about what Halloween is derived from, All Hallow’s Eve (Newland). All Hallow’s Eve is the celebration of spirits before All Saints Day, which was taken off most calendars because of the simplification of the Catholic calendar in 1956 (Newland). It was considered liturgy, and many celebrated both. In ancient days, the Britons people celebrated these days without a miss. All Hallow’s Eve was originally when they praised Samhain, the lord of death, to take away their dead, and deliver their sinful spirits to where they belong. All Saints Day was

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