Pain Management For The Obstetric Patient

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M6A3: Pain Management for the Obstetric Patient Erin Johnson Reproductive Health Helene Wallingford August 10th, 2014 There are three stages of a pregnancy which start at conception and last until six weeks after the birth of the baby. The stages include antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum. Antepartum can be described as the period before childbirth, this would start at the time of conception until labor starts. Intrapartum is the labor stage of pregnancy. Intrapartum starts from the onset of labor until the delivery of the baby. Postpartum is the last stage of the pregnancy. This starts following the birth of the baby and last for six weeks after the birth. During each stage of a pregnancy a woman may experience pain.…show more content…
The risk of taking multivitamins, calcium or phosphorus supplements during pregnancy would be that taking too many vitamins can be toxic. High levels can cause harm to the pregnant woman and the fetus. The benefit of increasing calcium and phosphorus to the pregnant women’s diet would be that it’s also an easy way to increase the levels in the body. The pregnant woman would also know exactly what she is taking, instead of taking vitamins with unknown substances in it. The risk of increasing calcium and phosphorus in the diet are the same as with a multivitamin, a person can get to high levels causing harm to the mother and the fetus. Taking Tylenol during pregnancy offers many benefits. Tylenol is an effective treatment for mild pain during pregnancy. Another benefit is that it 's safe for the fetus and can be safely taken during all three trimesters of a pregnancy. There are also risk of taking Tylenol during pregnancy. Tylenol should only be taken as prescribed by your physician and should only be taken for a short period of time. Long-term use of Tylenol can cause tetrogenic toxicity, which can cause liver damage and the mother and fetus. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are that it helps to stretch and loosen the muscles. Exercise also helps the pregnant woman to stay healthy and fit during the pregnancy, as well as it helps to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise can be dangerous to the fetus and mother if not done properly. Heavy
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