Palm Beach County Case Study

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Mr. Zimpfer has taken legal action against Palm Beach County and these allegations cannot be dismissed. The complaint was filed with the EECO in a timely manner and the EECO will more than likely take action against Palm Beach County unless the county can provide solid evidence that Mr. Merriman was more qualified for the position. Mr. Zimpfer did exactly what he should do by hiring a legal representative who asked a qualified, unbiased psychologist to review all applicants and make a professional decision on who was the best candidate. Dr. Joseph’s findings favor Mr. Zimpfer, which makes Mr. Zimpfer’s allegations more evident, which stated that Palm Beach County did discriminate against him because of his age. If Palm Beach County can prove that there was a reason to hire Mr. Merriman over Mr. Zimpfer other than age, the county needs to gather that evidence. Even though Mr. Zimpfer is very qualified for the job, Mr. Merriman’s interview could have been better and he could have showed the management of Palm Beach County his enthusiasm and excitement regarding the job. The interview aspect of filing a job in very important in determining how well a person will fit in with the organization and …show more content…

If the EEOC finds cause in Mr. Zimpfer’s case then they will proceed with the next step which is conciliation process. The EEOC must try to resolve the issue by a conference or conciliation between the employer and the person who was shown some form of discrimination (Lavin and DiMichele, 2014, p. 102). During this meeting Palm Beach County should come to an agreement with Mr. Zimpfer and his attorney because the facts are on his side. If the county and Mr. Zimpfer do not come to an agreement, the EEOC may proceed with a lawsuit against Palm Beach County for discriminating on the bases of

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