Panoptic Surveillance In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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It is noteworthy that Claudius observes merrymaking to interpellate the people of the country, which is his ISA so that the people cannot perceive the vulnerability of the state and the criminality of the usurper. However, in reply to Horatio, Hamlet says, “it is a custom More honor'd in the breach than the observance” (1.4.15-16).
5.4 False Representation vs. the Representation of Reality Though Claudius applies false representation to mask reality, the reality is revealed to Prince Hamlet for his interview with the ghost of his father which can be considered here to be the representation of reality in a dramatic and allegorical way. The ghost exposes Claudius’ reality that he is an ‘incestuous, ‘adulterate beast’ who has used his witty discourse and fancy gifts to seduce ‘virtuous queen’ for fulfilling ‘his shameful lust’ (1.5. 42-6). Very comfortably, we can view his ‘witty discourse’and ‘fancy gifts’ as ideological apparatuses through the Althusserian lens. 5.5 Claudius’ Panoptic Surveillance The ghost instructs young Hamlet to take revenge upon the murderer Claudius, “Let not the royal bed of Denmark be/A couch for luxury and damnèd incest” (1.5. 82-3.). Noam Chomskyan Prince
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They inform him, “We coted them on the way, and hither are they coming to offer you service” (2.2.301-2). But Hamlet, being free from hegemony, takes the opportunity to stage a slightly modified opera by him The Murder of Gonzago “as ’twere, the mirror up to nature” (3.2.18) to unmask the reality of the hardened criminal’s regicide and his mother’s betrayal of his
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