Paper On Concussions

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There are multiple symptoms associated with the receiving of a concussion, but there are three that are outstandingly common among the general population of victims of concussions. Those include sensory changes and deficits, emotional difficulties like depression, and an overall reduction in cognitive functioning. According to Moore, Broglio, and Hillman, a concussion is defined as “a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by traumatic biomechanics forces.” Sport-Related Concussion and Sensory Function in Young Adults Simply stated, this means that a concussion is an injury that results from a traumatic blow to the brain. In recent years, concussions have been a popular topic in the media. Whether it be with regards…show more content…
Depression is one emotional challenge that many concussed individuals have to face and cope with one a daily basis. According to PREVALENCE OF DIAGNOSED, “One of the most concerning symptoms is post-concussive depression.” Depression can be the result of a single concussion or multiple concussions, one after another, and its severity is dependent upon varying factors with regards to the patient at large. Psychologists have noted that there could be a possible positive correlation between those with reduced cognitive functional abilities and those with depression. A positive correlation states that as one variable increases, the other variable in turn also increases. Speaking from a functional standpoint and moving onto a psychological perspective, the increased feelings of being fatigued and tired and not being able to process information normally as one was once able to can also lead to an increase in mood swings, anxiety, and clinical depression. Many individuals who are outsiders to the realm of concussions and post-concussive symptoms do not understand the severity of post-concussive depression because they are not experiencing the symptoms. Unfortunately, many view post-concussive depression with the mentality of “they will get over it, they're all right.” Depression following a concussion is a highly important effect that needs to be analyzed properly for the patient to get the best possible treatment. Improper diagnosis, in the most severe of cases regarding post-concussive depression, can lead to the loss of life, in the form of
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