Essay about Concussions Around The World

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Concussions are a rising issue in the daily life of many athletes in the sports of hockey, soccer, football, and skateboarding. Every 21 seconds, someone in this country encounters a brain injury. Concussions are brain injuries caused by jolts or hard hits around the head. When the tissue of the brain slams against the strong, thick skull in your head, a concussion is very common. This leads to either swelling of the brain, “torn blood vessels, or injury to the nerves.” (Haas) Eventually, the result will be immediate, delayed, or even permanent loss of your own brain. In the next four paragraphs, I will describe to you how a concussion is important to you and others, what the world can do to stop this issue, and what you can do to prevent …show more content…

(Haas) Another way concussions affect your friends is by giving them permanent brain damage. If one person receives a concussion and does not let it properly rest, they are susceptible to severe brain damage with another concussion. In fact, concussions are a leading cause for disabilities for humans under the age of 44? (DoSomething.Org) From experiments, one website has found that there is weird brain wave actions and incorrect use of the motor pathways, leading to attention loss, if you have concussions. (Nordqvist) Also they have found that concussions cause people to have symptoms that are very alike to Parkinson’s disease. (Nordqvist) With these facts and the effects of concussions, you know can see the impact that concussions put on other people.
In the big picture, concussions can be prevented by doing simple but injury-saving actions. While in the car, drinking while driving, texting while driving, not wearing seatbelts, and disobeying road rules should not be followed. If you are in crashes, head injuries are very common to receive. Another way to prevent a concussion from occurring is by wearing protective head gear. In whatever sport or activity you may do, think about ways you can receive a brain injury. In football, you should wear a helmet! When doing adventure sports such as snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, or biking, wear helmets to prevent head injuries from falls. In fact, we can prevent concussions by 85% if we

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