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Priscilla Kim Dr. Harvey Partica English-100-11: Writing and Thinking 9 March 2017 Equality For All Men and women were not equal in the past. Many people viewed women as second-class citizens because women were expected to stay at home and to look after their children. They also performed the traditional household chores, such as cooking meals and cleaning the house. Women had more limited freedom and rights than male citizens. These men controlled the lives of women by establishing laws and rules that restrict what women can and cannot do in the community. Because women did not receive a good education, they were not allowed to say anything about the politics. They were also not seen outdoors except for events that they need to …show more content…

Many women were furious about the news regarding the new amendment because they could not accept the fact that “those who suffered three hundred and fifty years of bondage would be enfranchised before America’s women” (“Women’s Suffrage at Last”). As a result of the 15th amendment, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony formed an organization called the National Woman Suffrage Association in hopes of changing the federal law and the amendment. Members of the National Woman Suffrage Association also demanded more changes to women’s rights, such as allowing women to have property rights and having a good education. Because many activists of the women’s suffrage movement had different opinions about what the focus of the women’s movement should really be, many other women’s suffrage organizations were created after the National Woman Suffrage Association. Lucy Stone established the American Woman Suffrage Association, which was more conservative than the National Woman Suffrage Association and agreed with the 15th amendment. The leaders of the American Woman Suffrage Association disapproved the plans of the National Woman Suffrage Association because they thought their proposals were “being racially divisive and organized with the aim to continue a national reform effort at the state level” (“The Women’s Rights Movement”). Eventually, the National Woman Suffrage

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