Paradise Lost Reflection

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John Milton’s Paradise Lost is a poem that is unlike many of the poems written in the 15th century. It is told through a perspective of a creation, one in which most religious people are taught to blame due to his supposed sinister aura and therefore cast a shadow upon; Satan. Because the poem tells the story of Satan waging war against God; many are opposed to it as they believe that Satan should not be given a chance to speak because of his rebellious tendencies. It also touches upon the reason that God has allowed for evil to exist and to whom is to be blamed for evil to transpire, causing his influence to be prodigious as he attempts to answer the questions throughout his poem. This makes this poem extraordinary as he answers the question of theodicy from a distinct perspective that many in his era never dared to raise through stylistic techniques and thus should be honored just as Samuel Barrow would like it to be. Milton’s objective of writing this poem was to answer a question that many have chosen to overlook as during that era and even today people follow and do not ask questions as it has been said that questioning may lead you astray from the path to God’s heavens. Essentially this poem was a risk but through Milton’s determination to write the greatest poem of all time he presented the world with a masterpiece because it was different. The distinct difference was that the poem was written through the thoughts and word of Satan. He begs the question “Why is it

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