Parenthood Gender Roles

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1. Gender is being male or female, but in a social sense instead of a biological one, like sex. Gender roles are the expectations that society creates for each gender to act like and behave. In the film Parenthood, there were many different examples of gender roles. One of the major one examples that stood out to me was in the instance of Helen and her two children. At the start of the film, Helen let her son, Gary, walk out of the house being disrespectful and go do whatever he wanted, however she told her daughter, Julie, that there were people coming over later tonight and she needed her to help clean the house. Another major example of gender roles that stood out to be was the constant showing of the woman having to take care of the …show more content…

Furthermore, in 1972 birth control was legalized for every citizen in the country. Meanwhile, the first human birth control was started to be developed in the 1950s, and had been constantly been developed throughout the second half of the century. In the 2000s, rapid expansion and methods have been made. Contraception had definitely changed the woman’s role in family, and for the better. It allowed for the woman to postpone pregnancy, which gave her more of a role outside of the home. This helped break away from the established gender role of the woman being the housewife and man being sole provider, now both the man and woman could become providers for the household. Contraception was shown in the movie with Susan and her husband Nathan. Nathan did not want another child for five years because he wanted to focus on his first child’s cognitive development. Susan, on the other hand, wanted to have another child. Nathan had made her use a diaphragm to prevent her from becoming pregnant. He refused to compromise on the matter so Susan poked holes in it, an act her husband caught her doing and called her out for by pouring water into it.
3. One of the major impacts of couples not having children would have on society has been seen in China with their one child policy. The population will have a larger number of elderly to take care of than it will have of a working population to take care of them, such as social security. Having a child

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