Paris Climate Agreement Argument

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump announced Thursday he is withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, making the country one of only three to not follow the accord.

The agreement aims at keeping global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees Celsius — or around 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit — above pre-industry levels. Countries are expected to report emissions regularly, and developed countries would support developing countries in their efforts to produce energy with fewer emissions. The U.S. and 194 countries signed the agreement.

Nicaragua and Syria are the only two countries who did not sign, with Nicaragua objecting because it did not do enough regarding environmental protection. Syria has been in a civil war since …show more content…

Trump called the Paris climate agreement "nonbinding," but added the deal placed "draconian financial and economic burdens" on the United States.

Trump also said China and India would be able to build additional coal plants, yet China announced in January it would cancel plans to build more than 100 facilities.

The president added coal mines are starting to open up, and that he had been invited to attend a mine opening ceremony taking place "in two weeks."

"It's unheard of," Trump said. "For many, many years that hasn't happened."

West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney said the Obama administration overstepped its boundaries when it signed the accord in April 2016.

"(The Paris climate agreement) didn't give anybody in the power generating industry, the one's who use coal industrially, any confidence whatsoever," he said. "It was just another nail in the coffin, if you will."

Raney said if another deal is negotiated, it should include input from those affected by the regulations.

"Let's not just let journalism interpret all the science, and let's not just the scientists you agree with drive the equation," he said.

West Virginia officials had a positive reaction to the president's announcement; West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey called the move "a major victory for working West Virginia families."

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said in a

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