Paris Opera Ballet

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Main Definitions: 1-Project: " An endeavor in which human, material, and financial resources are organized in a novel way, to undertake a unique scope of work, of given specification, within constraints of cost and time, so as to achieve beneficial change defined by quantitative and qualitative objectives"(Turner & Müller 2003). This is a service project, which entails managing the tour of the Paris Opera Ballet by Zainelabdin Event Communications Incorporation ICEZ. ICEZ is a professional and a well-known event planning incorporation in Montreal. 2- Project Scope: "The finite set of correct end products, deliverables, or outputs that the project team undertakes to provide to the client (the owner or sponsor) of the project" (Kerzner & Black…show more content…
Securing the air tickets from Paris to Paris including the domestic transportation between the three cities. Providing accommodation in 5-star hotels in the three cities for the Ballet group. Generating $ 250,000 from the exhibitions to cover the total expenses of the Ballet group. Project Aims: This project aims to manage a tour of Paris Opera Ballet POB, which is composed of 25 professional Ballet dancers for their visits to Canada three famous cities: Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Visiting will be for 15 days, in the period: 24 June 2016 - 8 July 2016. Project Objectives: Become a leading and a pioneer program organization in increasing the number of the quality organizing incorporation in the country Become dynamically sophisticated within all the activities that predominate in the cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Maintain a 100% satisfaction of the client with a very high quality service from Paris to Paris again. Host professionally the 15-day program in a reliable manner. Offer a superior quality service for the group within $ 250000, and generating an equivalent or even higher quality hosting service.
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