Parkinson's Disease Speech

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Alzheimer Disease is a gradual deterioration of one’s memory and personality. An older relative could be showing signs of dementia if he or she is disoriented and forgetful of things. I would determine if my loved one is suffering from this disease by getting them checked by a doctor. There are several tests that can be given to help with diagnosing someone with Alzheimer Disease. Older adults can be diagnosed with a mild cognitive impairment which is an uncontrolled memory lapse. Vascular NCD is another common neurocognitive disorder which is a temporary obstruction of a blood vessel in the brain that’s known for having similar symptoms as a stroke: weak or paralyzed limbs, mental confusion, and slurred speech. I will know that my relative didn’t have a stroke because his …show more content…

There are other disorders which may play a part in memory loss and someone who is disoriented. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic progressive disease. This disease makes the muscle tremor and rigidity, and sometimes cause dementia. Parkinson’s disease begins with impaired motor control, shaking when picking up cups and falling when trying to walk. Parkinson’s disease is caused by a reduction of dopamine in the brain. Lewy Bodies deposits a particular kind of protein in the brain, which interfere with communication between neurons. When this occurs, movement and cognition are both impacted. Motor effects are less severe than Parkinson’s disease and are not as dramatic as Alzheimer’s disease. There are several other diseases that begin in middle age, such as Huntington disease, syphilis, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. A severe head injury or bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE, mad cow disease). NCD increases every decade after age 60, but the brain disease can occur at any age. Depression and anxiety are sometimes mistaken for the neurocognitive disorder, but untreated depression increases the risk of

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