Parody and Comedy in Class Video Clip to Mock TV Show Nowadays

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In this COMM3002 Communication Studies project video clip, we are going to take the tactics of parody and comedy as the genres of our video clip to mock the TV show nowadays are too resemble and without quality guarantee to general public. This is a satirical story which mocks the entertainment industry of Hong Kong nowadays, all the artists are double-sided faces, in front of the camera, we act nicely; however, once they off the camera, they exposed their own personality in a panoramic view, and to reveal the true selves of entertainers behind the camera, in order to remind those who desire to be a star and work in the entertainment industry that the reality of this industry is not as glamorous as it appears.
The story is about a famous
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As the beginner to start participating to the filming rank, I would recommend them to start earlier to find the feasible locations and well-researched that location is it possible to filming. And the important thing is not only rely on the intangible plan to film the video; you should have the storyboard on hand before you start the official filming.
In the stage of pre-production, we are decided to choose our locations in Grand Waterfront Club House’s kitchen, local wet market and the dining room with a grand feeling, aims to suit our filming theme really like TVB cooking show with a big casts and elegant style. However, we just roughly approved these locations without thinking about the question of is it feasible to do so. And we also fixed our timeline quite even early and hope everything is on schedule. I am responsibility for the project proposal with assistance with two more classmates. It is quite difficult to choose which idea we are going to film as there are many ideas and how to assign the crew to difference positions to ensure we can finish the video portrait without any obstacles.
We have selected our reading week to start go filming; however, due to some of our team members having their part-time job, so we only have a one full day to finish the entire scene we have to film.
As we did not well-searched the
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