Parthenon Personal Statement

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Guarded in phalanx formation with a wooden shield on my side, I bellowed. With my Corinthian-style helmet and a spear on my side, I was a ferocious Athenian soldier guarding the Parthenon. The topic of world history intrigues me greatly. The Parthenon, an archaeological landmark known for its intricate designs, demonstrates the historical wonders of human life in ancient Greece. However, this historical enthusiasm does not result from the indefinite timeline of history; it comes from my amazement with the ingenuity of past architects and their legacy mark on the modern day, allowing the viewer a glimpse into the past. This appreciation of history ignited a fire inside of me that led me to take AP World History during my sophomore year of high …show more content…

My passion is to create an impact in today’s history through a large scale by being the brains behind the architecture. This passion for architecture influenced my pursuit of STEM-related classes in school. By teaching myself the computer-aided design(CAD) software program during the summer of entering my senior year, taking a CAD-focused class and a college course involving Arduino applications, I became more familiar with programs used for structural design and mechanical programming. In addition, I expanded my interest theoretically by taking classes such as Physics and Calculus AB; in particular, the concepts of simple machines and rates of change of three-dimensional objects. These STEM-related classes were my endeavor to find a passion that I would like. Similar to Athenians who engaged in remarkable projects, I began independent projects in drafting such as floor and house plans. By engaging in these classes, it gives me confidence and independence by making mature decisions that would reflect off my future. In addition, exploring my fields of interest allows me to further my inclination to go more in depth in history to infrastructure, rather than touching the surface. While most people see civil engineering as designing and constructing buildings, to me, civil engineering is what makes human history so

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