Parthenon Vs Pantheon Essay

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This essay will compare and contrast two famous Greek and Roman buildings, the Parthenon in Athenian Acropolis, Greece and the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. These two buildings are from different periods of time and locations and both of them were built with specific styles and functions that reflected their respective cultures. Both of these historic buildings also have a number of similarities and differences which serve to help in demonstrating the similarities and differences between ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The Parthenon, currently a museum, was an ancient Greek temple built in honor of the Greek goddess, Athena, whom the Greek people worshipped and revered. It was built between the years 447~438 BC, when the Athenian Empire was as the peak of its power, by Iktinos and Kalikrates and utilized the Post and Lintel architectural system, thus, representing the “tangible and visible efflorescence of Athenian imperial power (“The Parthenon”, n.d.). The Parthenon is often considered as one of the most transcendent works of Greek architecture and I think that its magnificence is a clear indicator of its function to honor the Greek people’s esteemed goddess, Athena. The sheer …show more content…

This is evidenced by the fact that even just the outward appearances of both of these buildings look very grand and majestic and it would appear that they were not built in dedication of the “average Joe”. Another similarity could be that both cultures seemed to have a mutual respect for each other as it is evident that the architects of the, later built, Parthenon used many designs and techniques that were used to build the Pantheon, built several centuries before. Both buildings, for example, “use 8 columns to support a pediment” (“Pantheon vs Parthenon”,

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