Partial And Late Term Abortion

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Partial and Late-Term Abortion
At the present time, abortion has become a hot topic that has sparked many heated debates in the recent presidential election, with both parties feeling strongly about the subject. Partial-birth abortion can be defined as the removal of a fetus that has already died and a late-term abortion is an abortion that occurs during a late stage of the pregnancy. I chose this topic in order to not only learn more and become better informed about this issue that has sparked such a widespread controversy, but also for the purpose of taking a closer look at the opposing sides to gain a better understanding of their views. Although I personally disagree with any kind of abortion, I would like to take a closer look at
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However, the column’s main idea was not my reason for selecting the article. I chose the article for its extensive, albeit slightly out of date, data and its knowledge presented that is written by educated, albeit biased, authors. Bonnie Jones and Tracy Weitz both have degrees that make them highly educated on the subject matter, however, a quick search of their names finds them to be highly partisan to the pro-choice movement. Although this makes them no less educated on the topic of abortion, it allows the reader to see clear partiality in the article. For the reader like myself who would like to question other channels of thinking, this article presents a clear-cut view of the concepts provided by the believers in the pro-choice movement along with detailed explanations of the subject matter. John Leo runs the site, is a writer and contributing editor for The City Journal and has written multiple facetious articles such as his essay published in 2001 entitled Incorrect Thoughts. His article, The First Crack In The Wall, presents a plethora of instances of partial-birth abortion activists going back on their word and an accurate drawing of an abortion procedure being attacked by activists. The column also presents factual information as well, such as the effects of a partial-birth abortion. The author concludes his
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