Party In Oceania

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The Party in Oceania manipulates citizens to support the government. In 1984 by George Orwell, the government controls and gathers support from the people. In this abstract, dystopian society, the government takes the form of the Party. An organization called Big Brother plays the face of the Party in this totalitarian state . The Party is the ruler of the majority of Oceania. Through a network of spies, telescreens, and microphones, the Party monitors all thoughts and actions of the members.Children are even raised to spy on their parents and report anything suspicious. Citizens of Oceania are also constantly at war with either Eurasia or Eastasia. This explains why the proles, the poor people in the outer party, are constantly being bombarded…show more content…
The government has a strict control over history, science and technology, and language, that controls the people and ultimately leads to their support. Their control over history leads to people learning that the Party is and always has been right. Winston’s job at the Ministry of Truth is to falsify documents in the Party’s favor. There is no record of the Party ever doing anything wrong. Therefore, when taught history people only learn the biased version, where the Party is right and good. This leads people to support the government. Although, the majority of the time the Party is wrong. The Party also teaches little about science and technology. They control science and technology so that no one except the Party members can invent something to outshine the current technology. This way they prevent evolution of the people which prevents any revolt, which ultimately means unconditional support of the people. The last aspect of education which the Party has complete control over is language. Over the course of time, the language of Oceania has transitioned into “Newspeak”, making the old way of speaking “Oldspeak” . The Party has taken out words such as hate and God. By removing certain words, the Party makes it so people start to only feel certain emotions. Eventually, the language can only be used to support and love the Party and Big Brother. Language, along with history and science and…show more content…
They have controlled certain aspects of government in order to maintain support from civilians. Through Big Brother, they constantly remind people that they are being watched and have stolen their support by manipulating them to love him. Through war, the Party unites and unifies citizens even if there is no actual conflict. And lastly, through education the Party rewrites history, limits civilian learning, and puts restrictions on language to rally the people. Overall, the Party controls many aspects of this dystopia just to gather
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