Passage One Is From One 's A Heifer By Ross Sinclair

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Passage one is from One’s a Heifer by Ross Sinclair. The major theme of this short story is being afraid to grow up. This quote, from passage one identifies the theme as it explains the main character wanting to understand the secret of becoming mature by looking, “inside the stall”. However, the main character is unable to grow up and understand maturity as he is “afraid of seeing”.
Passage two quote is from “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. The main idea of “Coraline” is that getting everything a character wants is not a good thing for the character. In “Coraline” the main character speaks this quote from passage two, to the “other Mr. Bobo” and explains receiving everything she wants; toys, undivided attention by her parents and never being bored is not good. As she would be losing her independence also not working towards her goals. Therefore, a character getting everything they want is bad because your independence is lost due to always striving for the next best and not being happy. In passage two from part A, the quote is from My Last Duchess by Robert Browning. Power is very important to the protagonist the Duke in the short story, My Last Duchess, as he needs and holds power. However, before this quote, the Duke had told the envoy how he planned his wife’s murder. The envoy upon hearing this is wanting to leave the Duke, but the Duke says “together down, sir”. Furthermore, making the envoy feel equal to the Duke, but ultimately the protagonist is displaying his power

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