Passionate about Piano

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Some people have different roles that they play every day. The majority use certain roles as a daily bases and improve these roles to become powerful needed skills. By enhancing those skills, they turn those skills to professional roles that change the course of their lives. Since some of the people are full with passion, they have become great musicians as pianist. People say that pianists became successful because of their skills and talents. Others disagree and say that pianists became professional because of their passion for piano. A professional pianist, like Hieu Tri, is passionate about playing piano. Hieu has been playing piano since he was four years, and he still play it with passion until now. He never stopped or regretted that he plays piano. He discovered that piano was the only way to express his feelings and emotions to the world.
Professional pianists release their emotions only because their passion for piano. Great pianists must have unlimited passion, that is why they have not been forgotten during the history. However, not any pianist can have this great passion in order to be remembered. Pianists are motivated from deep emotional essences. People who play piano usually follow their role models to achieve what they desire in this life. When Hieu saw his older brother playing piano for the first time, the only thing he could say was to learn how to be like his older brother. In addition, when you see professionals that mastered the same talent that

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