Patent Violations Among High Tech Companies

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Patent violations among high-tech companies have increasingly become popular in this industry, as fact that is not common in other industries. This happens mainly because there is something inherent within the industry that is certainly common among many high-tech firms. As such, these companies keep suing one another alluding this to patent violations. The key drive of the industry is technological innovations and every firm in the industry is battling to remain feasible in the industry and outdo its competitors by staying ahead in terms of coming up with new ideas and materializing theme into adorable features that are incorporated in many electronic gadgets. According to Comino and Manenti (2014), ideas among high-tech companies are …show more content…

Clarkson, Miller, and Cross (2014) agree that sometimes, these high-tech companies think alike in a manner that they end up producing products that have similar features only to end up with a series of patent litigations. This has raised issues over anti-competitive behaviors with some countries and organizations threatening to sue these high-tech companies to stop them from waging wars against themselves with weekly patent litigations, which in reality lead to big losses among consumers. Patent laws in the computer industry revolve around software and computer-implemented inventions. As Clarkson, Miller, and Cross (2014) explain, these laws are endorsed and enforced with a sole aim of providing monopoly rights to a firm in relation to an idea or an invention that has been proved to be new and need to be protected to avoid patent violation. Pending to the approval of an idea or invention as being original, it cannot be granted the patent rights, which means that the idea is not patentable and therefore in the eyes of the law, it does not exist. However, if an idea or invention is approved as original and certified as patentable, the law provides that the idea or the invention ought to be protected by granting the firm proved to be the originator of the idea all the necessary monopoly rights to protect the idea from being

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