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We have all lied at some time or another in our life. As a child, we may have lied so we would not get in trouble. As adults, we may lie to avoid disagreements with someone, so we can maintain a healthy relationship with that person. We teach children that it is wrong to lie; however lying comes natural for us, and we all lie whenever it is convenient. These kinds of lies are ‘white lies’. They are harmless lies if mentioned with the right purpose. People lie to loved ones more than anyone else. It is easier to lie to a loved one more than anyone else, because telling the truth might be more painful than a lie. Some people are better liars than others. When a person becomes habituated with lying, it becomes a problem. When Lies …show more content…
A pathological liar does not realize that he is telling lies. A pathological liar unintentionally lies and believes that he is telling the truth. Based on the C.C. Dike, M. Baranoski, and E.E.H. Griffith’s study, Pathological lying revised, pathological lying can be considered diagnosis when the lying is “persistent, pervasive, disproportionate, and not motivated primarily by reward or other external factors.” is compulsive and impulsive by nature (the liar is unable to control the lying). Also, from a psychiatric point of view, behavior is abnormal based on the person’s ability to power over it, and not the behavior’s degree or purpose. A strong psychiatric morbidity indicator, but not necessary sufficient to establish a disorder, is when the behavior causes more harm than good and when it is supports an irrational reason. Therefore, pathological lying implies an apparent lack of control and “for pathological lying to exist the individual must lie despite himself, just as someone with and anxiety disorder cannot help feeling anxious.”(Grubin, Acad). A Pathological liar does not have to have a reason to lie. They will not feel guilty or care about what happens to people due to the lies that they have told. Pathological liars lie to control and get their own way. It is difficult to determine if the stories of a pathological liar are true or not because

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