Patient Care For A Patient

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Pediatric patients in hospital settings are unquestionably in a defenseless position and are highly reliant on nurses to provide for their individual needs. In the poem above, not only was the pediatric patient’s needs met, but also the nurse showed caring qualities that made the patient feel comforted. As a pediatric nurse, caring is a quality that is imperative to include along with nursing interventions to provide holistic care for a patient. Caring holds significant value to us professionally. We believe caring is an essential characteristic in nursing. Without this characteristic, one will not be able to care for a patient effectively. Patients we work with deal with many different issues, may it be extensive health or social issues. …show more content…

By researching more about the caring theory, it may change some nurses’ perception about implementing caring more within their nursing practice. Researching more about caring and how to implement it can be essential when dealing with a difficult patient or family member. A concept analysis is used to evaluate the development of nursing concept by identifying gaps in nursing knowledge, determining the need to refine or clarify a concept when it appears to have multiple meanings, evaluating the adequacy of competing concepts in their relation to other phenomena, examining the congruence between the definition of the concept and the way it has been operationalized, and determining the fit between the definition of the concept and its clinical application. Caring has been investigated, researched and studied in various methods, this concept analysis paper will clarify vague or ambiguous concepts and identify and classify the caring theory. Applying the caring theory to pediatric nursing can help improve patient outcomes in several areas. One goal using the caring theory is to apply the caring theory along with medical oriented nursing in the hospital to help increase compliance among transplant pediatric patients on immunosuppressant therapy. Second goal is to incorporate the caring theory when taking care of suicidal pediatric patients to help decrease the number of readmissions for suicidal attempts. The

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