Patient Centered Communication In Health Care

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The HITECH act of 2009 brought about the revolution of health information technology (HIT) by providing billions of dollars to aid in implementation throughout the health care industry. HIT has allowed for improved patient-centered care secondary to improvement in communication channels, allowing for greater access of protected health information (PHI) for healthcare providers, which in turns, has improved the efficiency of patient care. Patient centered communication has been achieved through means of patient portals and electronic health records (EHR). EHR connects various disciplines and aids interdisciplinary communication. Furthermore, HIT such as telemedicine and clinical decision support systems allow for improve communication of health information between provider and patient, allowing for better patient care delivery (Finney et al., 2014). Communication mediation occurs in various forms and at different levels of the healthcare delivery system, with various technologies available for different purposes. As mentioned above, patient portals allow for greater access of medical information directly to the patient,…show more content…
However, a failure of this technology, is that some patients perceive documentation with an EHR during the patient encounter as interfering with the communication process by distancing the provider from the patient. Many patients view it as a disconnect in the patient-provider relationship as it has limits nonverbal communication. On the other hand, electronic documentation and handoff allow for greater communication between nurses and providers, who are instrumental in health care delivery (Angst et al., 2012). Angst et al. (2012) further points out that use of EHR and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) has decreased the chances of communication failures by making information legible and easily accessible in comparison to paper based
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