Patrick Henry's Speech On Call To Arms

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The most famous call to arms.The Stamp Act against the colonist was the first step into the American Revolution in which caused Patrick Henry to become a vocal critic against Great Britain's unfair and unjust acts. Throughout the next few years, Henry remained a vocal adversary of taxation without representation, and in 1773 Henry took lead in creating Virginia’s Committee of Correspondence to organize information with the other colonies on the activities of Royals and military in the colonies. After George issued a series of punitive laws against the colonies in 1774, known as the Intolerable Acts, Henry was elected to the First Continental Congress. The question facing the First Continental Congress was one of freedom, as many colonists believed that their liberties and rights as English subjects were being impinged upon. Some favored approaching the King obediently, but others wanted to demand the rights they deserved.On March 23,1775 Patrick Henry addresses the Virginia Convention.He introduces is views on what action to take in regards to the conflict with Great Britain.Patrick Henry effectively convinced the president, the house and his fellow men at the Virginia Conference to pass a resolution dispensing the Virginia Troops to the Revolutionary War.

Patrick Henry starts off his speech by establishing credibility with his fellow men at the Virginia Convention. Patrick Henry acknowledges and complements the men in the house; “No man thinks more highly than I do of

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