Patrick Modiano

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Adopting three remarkable epigraphs signifying a deep sigh rankled in the Jewish minds such mastermind as Patrick Modiano, whose birth coincided with the end of World War II and the beginning of France’s efforts to reckon with its complicity in the Holocaust,took brilliant enigmatic steps to discover his own Jewish shadow in the Jewish lives haunted by the horror of the German Occupation by exorcising the past through exploring the morally ambiguous worlds of collaboration and resistance. The immediate aftermath of the Second World War (WW-II) and the Nazi occupation of France have brought a dark period into the lives of Jewish people including new born baby Modiano. But with the passage of time when Modiano reached his youth he tried to rediscover …show more content…

In the ‘The Occupation Trilogy’ every novelette bears an epigraph creating some sort of suspension in the readers’ minds from the very beginning. His narratives full of history-consciousness have recalled the past in the protagonist’s mouth as a series of prattling and led his readers to feel the pangs of the characters impounded in a state of paranoia resulted from the Gestapo holocaust. In these novellas Modiano deals with his protagonists in a more subjective manner. The long and unparagraphed passages bearing thought-provoking implications throughout every novel have indeed been imbued with internal monologues that contribute much to feel how hallucinating and humiliating period of the occupation the generation of the protagonists went through! Actually Modiano’s craftsmanship of using lyrics and mechanisms of repetition continually has given a relief to the minds of the protagonist along with the readers getting engulfed with burden of pains and pangs prevailing in the dark and doomed scenario of the occupation. Such horrible and gloomy state of the German occupation has naturally led the occupied Paris to a state of paranoia where every Jew along with oppressed ones had to survive with whatever means they had. So every moment a sense of rancour getting developed beneath stream of consciousness of the victimized

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