An Unlikely Friendship Grows in John Boyne's The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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John Boyne’s book “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” is set in the area bordering Nazi Germany and Poland in the 1940s. The story concern a young German boy named Bruno, his family and the unlikely friendship he has between another boy named Schmuel, imprisoned in Auschwitz.
The major theme of the book is shown through the bonds of friendship and how in the most of unlikely circumstances friendship can survive and exist between people possessing an extensive and most restrictive division. A second theme is the evil and the intolerance which existed around these times of the Nazi regime and the Holocaust, as seen by the Germans having the Jews in the concentration camp. And the third theme is the curiosity and innocence of Bruno, Shmuel and …show more content…

For, in Berlin Bruno has quite a more normal and homely life with friends and family always at his fingertips, and all of his favourite places has, and all of which set in a vibrant and happy city. Whilst his life at Auschwitz is lesser than that, as he is unable to do even half of the things he could back in Berlin, making his time there very bleak to him. These sorts of feelings are felt all throughout the novel through Bruno again and again by his constant repetition of comparison about these locations. We see this setting and theme as being a way to highlight the feelings the Jews must have felt, being moved from their luscious life of being free to the tough and death ridden. Whilst the Germans have all of the riches and pleasure of a normal life, while the Jews are forced into a life of death and pressed labour. We the reader take this on to give further division of the races, making any action to break such a boundary to be very prominent and clear to their meaning.

Secondly, the next theme is friendship as it is shown to highlight that the most unlikely of people are able to become friends, Bruno the German, with Schmuel the Jew. The clear division which makes this friendship is displayed through existence the fence, being used as a way of dividing the two races. Which in turn is reflected by the locations of Berlin and Auschwitz. Not only that but

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