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Paul Reveres Ride Paul Revere's Ride is a collection of historical accounts centering around Paul Revere's midnight ride to warn the countryside of the battles that occurred. The novel is made up of narrative accounts that tell the whole story of the midnight ride. David Hackett Fischer goes to great lengths to cover every possible angle in telling the story. "Fischer illuminates the figure of Paul Revere, a man far more complex than a simple artisan and messenger"(3). By adding different perspectives he allows the reader to see not only the American idealistic point of view, but we get a chance to hear British accounts of these particular events. In this way Hackett Fischer paints an accurate and unbiased picture not only of Paul …show more content…
These "heavy red coats” were required and any straying from this strict dress code was "to be kept immaculate on pain of a flogging"(119). The author suggests, "The uniform of the British soldier in 1775 might have been designed by some demonic tailor who had sworn sartorial vengeance upon the human frame"(118).

The military uniforms of the British also radiated a uniquely British quality. An air of superiority was apparent in the dress of the British. "The red coats were elaborately embellished with lace, wings, buttons, loops, knots and incongruous heart-shaped badges on the coattail"(121). This illustrates the gentility and superiority that the British felt was inherant in them. Instead of wearing the "crudely put together" uniforms of the various militias, the British attempted to exude an air of confidence that was repugnant to the Americans.

Hackett Fischer goes to great lengths to establish this feeling of superiority that was prevelant among the British soldiers. He includes quotes throughout the novel in which the British commanders condemn the crudely organized millitias. " One British observer wrote ‘It is a curious masquerade scene to see grave sober citizens, barbers and tailors who never looked fierce before, strutting about in their Sunday wigs with muskets on their shoulders...if ever you saw a goose assume an air of consequence, you may catch some faint

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