Paying Mark Antony's Money To Fund His Army

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First of all, Mark Antony used the public’s money to fund his army. Once Caesar died, Mark felt the need to step in and be in charge without the approval of the common people, he just assumed himself into that position. So with himself “in charge” he decided that with that is was okay for him to take the money of the common people. Also, he uses Lepidus to help him find ways to save money and redirect where some of Caesar’s funds are going. Then after Lepidus helping Mark, Mark decides what he needs to do with him. In Act III, scene I, Octavius points out that Lepidus is a, “tried and valiant soldier.” to which Antony responds “So his my horse.” Then Last, Antony tries to bully Octavius out of power. With Caesar dead and Antony being his

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