Peachtree Healthcare Essay

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Recommendation for Peachtree Healthcare
Marc A. Moore
CMGT 583 IS Integration
25 March 2013
John Sallee

Recommendation for Peachtree Healthcare This paper will make some recommendation for Peachtree Healthcare to solve its IT problems using the case study from Harvard Business Review. Choosing one of four commentator’s opinion from the commentaries, will help distinguish which one will make the most sense for the organization. Peachtree Healthcare The purpose of the Peachtree Healthcare is to make sure that standard in quality, consistency, and continuity of care within the is adhere to at all times to provide efficiency, economy, and respect at the highest levels for patients and staff.
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Incremental changes will offer improvement initiatives and will provide various openings to make assessment, adjustments, redesigning, and reprioritizing as it progress with the process.
John A. Kastor
A professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine in Baltimore,
Stress the significance of goals focus on standardizing of care. The question is the current trend of how medical students are focusing on key functions not running administrative responsibilities working solo. Many doctors are practicing with appointment in a clinical department with the desire to participate in the teaching programs, perform medical research, and care for patients in a big institution. The collaboration with colleagues is different from what Peachtree’s concept veer to community hospitals providing health care as solo valuing independence. The transition may be difficult to implement across the network because of the practice of individual physicians working independently.
The commentators collectively stress out many aspects that Peachtree needs to consider. The difference on opinions from the commentators are dependent on professions and experiences both industry and its own organization. Although commentators have different professions, the strategy is basically depending on how the organization’s current status and
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