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Imagine walking into a deserted town, exhausted from the scorching rays of the sun. It becomes more and more difficult to muster up the last ounce of energy to take another step, and eventually you drop to the ground. In this example setting is enhanced in a way that a tone of hopelessness for the character is developed. First, the setting is developed in a manner that places a hardship on the character. Furthermore, the town is devoid of life ensuring that any help to the character is out of the question and the sun itself is creating the hardship for the character. Similarly, Juan Rulfo uses the setting of his novel, Pedro Páramo, in order to influence the tone, which ultimately leads to his purpose of writing the novel. Comala, the…show more content…
The jumbling of the timeline leads to the intended effect of confusion on the reader throughout the novel. In short, by manipulating time in Pedro Páramo, Rulfo is able to develop a sense of bewilderment. Understanding the setting of Pedro Páramo is of key importance when discussing the novel because it greatly influences the intended effects on the reader, as seen by the first few pages of the novel. Juan Preciado, the protagonist, travels to Comala "during the dog days, the season when the August wind blows hot" (Rulfo, 4), resulting in a tense, boiling, and fatigued atmosphere. Rulfo takes this a step further by developing a town that "sits on the coals of the earth, at the very mouth of hell" (Rulfo, 6), leading to two effects. First, to create extreme tension, and second, to mirror Purgatory which formulates into despair for the rest of the novel. Christians, specifically Catholics, believe that Purgatory is a realm that exists between the afterlife and the living, where a soul goes to become purified, usually through prayer. The problem that occurs in Pedro Páramo is that the souls have not been purified, meaning that they are stuck in Purgatory. This is because Father Rentería, the one who blesses the
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